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Joomla 4 - JreviewsSEF - or 4SEF?

Michael Pusch

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at the moment I'm playing with Joomla4 (Want to update in a view days), the Jreviews SEF Plugin and with the new 4SEF from Weeblr.com

On Joomla 3 I'm using SH404SEF and of course I want to hold all my urls after updating. But it's not really easy.

The Reviews Demo side has fine urls. If I use the SEF Plugin I generate URLs like this: /marktplatz/kuechenstudios?view=category

How can I eleminate the bold part? My settings are like in the screenshot?

4SEF from Weeblr.com works fine most times, but it seems to be impossible to generate click2search URLs. Has someone experience with this component?

And at last: Is it possible in JreviewsSEF to change german ä,ö,ü in ae,oe,ue automatically?

Thanks for help and a happy new year for all




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