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  4. Themes

    Share and discuss theme changes.

  5. SEF and SEO

    JReviews is loaded with built-in SEO optimizations like structured data markup for rich snippets, and has many SEO configuration options for optimizing titles using tags, setting meta descriptions, and more. If you have questions about using any of these features, please let us know here. 

    You should also read our blog post on understanding and using the SEO features.

  6. FormBuilder Custom Field Repository

    The FormBuilder custom field is a powerful tool for creating custom forms with repeatable rows or sub-forms to easy the data entry for certain types of information. JReviews ships with pre-defined definitions for things like restaurant menus, hours of operation and recipes. To contribute your own creations with others, please use this board.

    Learn more in the documentation about using the FormBuilder custom field.

  7. Custom Field PHP Based Formatting

    Share your ideas and ask questions about this very cool cutom field feature.

  8. Tips & Tricks

    JReviews can be easily customized to your heart's content through all the different settings. However, sometimes you need to go a little further and make code customizations. This board is a great resource to find customization tips for a variety of situations, shared by other clients or that came about from client requests. If you are going to post here, please don't post questions, only the post an actual tip & trick that is ready to be used.

  9. Known conflicts & incompatibilities

    If you find a template or extension that conflicts with jReviews please post it here. If you have a workaround even better.

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