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Importing to a "single select" field

Rik Brown

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I haven't tried an import like this until now but I have a "single select" field setup as jr_cuisine for food types as per the attachment.

When I import the data for the "Value" column, I thought that what people would see in the listing is the corresponding data in the "Text" column. So when importing the "Value" of afghan (all in lowercase) I should see the "Text" of Afghan (mixed case) in the listing. But the listing just shows the lowercase data from the "Value" column.

I see that the data is stored as "*afghan*" in jr_cuisine so I just imported using lowercase which might be wrong. I also see in the documentation (attachment 2) that a sample shows using mixed case. So I tried editing a listing by capitalizing the first character of data in the jr_cuisine field but that didn't change it to uppercase. It still remained lowercase as per the "Value" column.

The third attachment shows a listing sample with the cuisine being Italian.

What am I doing wrong?




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