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JReviews 3.13.3 backup restoration

Rik Brown

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Today, I upgraded fine to JReviews 4 but in the process I deleted some items I wish I hadn't deleted. So I decided to fall back to JReviews 3.13.3 and then do it again.

I've done a re-installation of the S2 and JReviews. S2 went fine but with JReviews I get the following error message:

0 Class 'Clickfwd\Yoyo\Services\Configuration' not found

I also tried falling back to JReviews 3.13.0 but still get that same message.

What can I do to fix that?

PS: I'm also in the process of restoring the MySQL database (not sure that is needed but it shouldn't hurt) but that is taking a lot of time.

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