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Override no longer working for some custom changes I made


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I have just updated to latest joomla 3. 10.6 from Joomla 3.10.5. 

I have an override on the Listing Enquiries button in the listing page. It basically sends a message using the EasySocial compose. This has worked brilliantly up until today. Now when the button is clicked it does nothing. All other buttons work fine. I did switch on Jreviews debug but I am not sure where the debug information displays as it wasn't appearing anywhere on screen.

My override file is in /templates/jreviews_overrides/filters/filter_functions.php

The code is: 

defined('_JEXEC') or defined('ABSPATH') or die;
function add_easysocial_message_button($buttons, $params)
  $listing = $params['listing'];
  $easysocial = '
    <button type="button" class="jrButton jrSmall"
data-es-conversations-compose data-id="'.$listing['User']['user_id'].'">
<i class="fa fa-commenting" aria-hidden="true"> </i>
  $buttons[] = $easysocial;
  return $buttons;
Clickfwd\Hook\Filter::add('listing_detail_action_buttons', 'add_easysocial_message_button', 10);


Can you tell me if there are any changes in Jreviews that would effect my overrides for this? 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 



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