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Revolutionize site structure with Custom Lists and SEO


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Happy New Year!

Advise on the "Revolutionize site structure with Custom Lists" from the tips and tricks section of the forum.

Have been testing this with the intent to keep all category pages hidden and use custom lists for all landing pages as described in Steven's thread. After doing as much reading on the web as possible I have not found if the breadcrumb must match that of the final landing page url. What I'm finding with the setup is, no matter if building custom lists menu items as children under the required category menu item structure the browser url will always be directly linked to the detail page without the the child custom lists menu items.

For example:
Menu structure: cars/cars-for-sale/used-cars
cars (category)
----Cars for sale (child custom field landing page - custom list - all cars for sale)
--------Used Cars (child custom field landing page - custom list - used cars)
--------New Cars (child custom field landing page - custom list - new cars)

With this the browser url and default breadcrumb path will always be (category/listing-title) while the custom breadcrumb is category/custom-list1/custom-list2/listing-title unless the structure uses category children instead of the fieldoptions.

I've read about the different uses of breadcrumbs, one of which is for an attribute breadcrumb path that these jreviews custom lists are actually creating but nothing on if these two need to be the same.

The question is, if the breadcrumb path to listing detail page is different than the final browser url for the listing detail page, is this good or bad for seo and would this cause duplicate content issues? Am I even doing this right?

In the image both default and custom breadcrumbs are shown for visual. Page and browser url shown was result from using the custom lists links (category:cars/custom:cars-for-sale/custom:used-cars)


Can see the benefits and possibilities in using Steve's method for landing pages but its a bunch of work. Wanted to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding or messing something up before getting to far.


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