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Customizing "create_form_tabbed"


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I'm not sure if its bug or something unique to this particular thtml file, as I have not had any success creating a customized version of the "create_form_tabbed" file where the changes appear on the front end. 

All of my other custom theme files work as expected. 

I copied the "create_form_tabbed" file to my  mytheme>listings folder.  I have tried the various renaming formats for the file:

  • create_form_tabbed_biza
  • create_form_tabbedbiza
  • create_form_biza

On the respective submit menu item in the theme suffix field I respectively tried:

  • _tabbed_biza and _biza
  • _tabbedbiza
  • _biza

After each instance of changing file name and value in the theme suffix field I would clear the cache via jreviews admin area.

As previously mentioned, my other types of custom thtml files work as expected.  This is the only template file that I appear to be unable to render a custom version with a unique name. 

Any guidance on what I might missing in this instance?  Is it possible to create named customized versions of this particular theme file?



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