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How can I use a field template file when manually including formbuilder fields into a listing?

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Hi everyone,

Wondering if someone can help me with this question- How can I use a field template file when manually including formbuilder fields into a listing?

I suspect the field template file is not being used because I am manually including the formbuilder field. Does this sound correct?

If so, is there a recommended approach to including template files for manually included formbuilder fields?


****MORE INFO****

I am manually including formbuilder fields in a listing via templates/jreviews_overrides/views/themes/profiles/listings/detail_profile.thtml

Here is some example code

<?php echo '<h3 class="customFieldGroupTitle">'.JText::_( 'RESUME' ).'</h3>';?>
<?php echo '<div class="customFieldRow">';?>
    <?php echo '<div class="customFieldLabel">'.JText::_( 'Work Experience' ).'</div><div class="customFieldValue">'.$listing['Field']['pairs']['jr_workexperience']['value'][0].'</div>';?>
<?php echo '</div>';?>

In the administrative area of JReviews, in the Fields Manager, I've opened the field jr_workexperience and set the PHP Output Format value to work_experience

I've created the following file - templates/jreviews_overrides/views/themes/profiles/fields_phpformat/work_experience.thtml

As you can see, I am using a theme called profiles for this particular listing.


I included the same file in several other locations for testing, but none executed (I tested with xdebug)-





Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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