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Hiding contact, author info

Melanie Brummell

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Melanie Brummell

[Alejandro] Posts split from https://forum.jreviews.com/topic/31674-is-it-possible-to-restrict-access-to-a-listing-type-to-just-the-poster-and-a-joomla-group/

Can I ask, is it possible to hide the listing poster's details on the card layouts (just for the specified category as the above) so someone cannot contact the poster without the need to open the listing? In my situation I have easysocial so the user link is displayed in the card. Ideally I wanted to block access to the listings altogether unless the user was either in the authorised group or had posted something. 

I could do a new card layout just for this category but cannot see a way of not displaying the user details.

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