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Digitalocean spaces setup and folder options


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I have one bucket setup at digitalocean spaces and have a few questions.

1. I was thinking I could setup folders in the space/bucket that correspond with folders jreviews creates when storing media locally then as usage goes up I could move each media type to a new bucket for scalability, is this possible or should I leave the space empty so jreviews can create the directories and can I still control the main storage directory name for each media type?

2. In jreviews settings media settings>> storage there is an option to also store 3rd party videos (embeded) with digitalocean. Where or what will the directory path be for this media type be as there is no option to store in separate bucket or CDN URL?

3. Digitalocean CORS advanced settings for access permissions to the bucket has options for GET, PUT, DELETE, POST, HEADER. Does jreviews need permissions for all of these options or which ones should be excluded and if header is included what header name should be used? Not sure if a specific header is needed.



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