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JReviews 3.7.5 is not working with my NGINX server

Kurtis Houser

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I recently updated my dev JReviews site from to 3.7.5 and it broke the site. Everything was working fine with My live site and local dev site are using Apache and everything works fine after upgrading both to 3.7.5.

The dev site is a DigitalOcean droplet: Ubuntu 18.04, NGINX 1.14, MySQL 5.7.31, PHP 7.3.21.

Depending on the page I see an SQL error that always starts with this.

Unknown column 'Directory.slug' in 'field list' => SELECT...

I tried using the Protostar template on the home page and see this notice multiple times (with different line numbers for each) on the page as well.

Notice: Array to string conversion in .../templates/protostar/error.php on line 123

The server was originally using PHP 7.2  when I did the initial to 3.7.5 upgrade so I used the opportunity to upgrade it to PHP 7.3 and started over with a snapshot of my live site that was at This worked fine as well. After upgrading to 3.7.5 everything broke again with the same SQL errors.

Maybe I'm missing a PHP module with the NGINX server?

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