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Cannot upload some file types

Sue Babcock

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I have set my joomla website and jreviews to accept txt, rtf, doc, docx, and pdf files. However, the only type of files I can upload from either the front or the back end is pdf. I've also set it to upload jpg and png, which can be uploaded. 

And I get two different messages depending on the file name format (see image). For example, when I try to upload a docx file with spaces in the name, I get "There was a problem processing the request." When I upload a file with no spaces in the file name I get the error "File has an invalid extension, it should be one of jpg, jpeg, gif, png, doc, txt, rtf, docx, pdf."

I can upload media in the core Joomla Media upload in Admin, I can also upload files using PhocaDownloads. So it seems to be restricted to JReviews.

I've attached an image of the settings in JReviews configuration for Attachments.

Any suggestions? Is there some configuration tweak I'm missing?

Thanks as always!

cannot upload..jpg


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