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Make php based field searchable


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Hi Alejandro,

maybe you know, that I am using Amazon Product Advertising API in Banner fields to show price, title and other product details regarding to the ASIN number of a book (different field). This works great.

Code which I am using to get the author of a book (In Banner field / PHP Based Formatting):

require_once PATH_ROOT."amazon.php";
$asin = $CustomFields->fieldValue('jr_amazonasinoderisbn10',$entry);
// Region code and Product ASIN
$response = getAmazonPrice("de", $asin);

if ($response) {
return  $response['author'];


return false;


I was thinking about, if it would be possible to make these banner  fields searchable like a text field? In this way we don't have to fill out every detail about a book for a book review.



For my listings "Book reviews" I have to fill out: ASIN Number, author, title of the book, and so on..

But with the ASIN Number and the Product Advertising API I could get all the other details automatically. So the fields author, title, price could be filled out automatically.

Is this possible?

Best regards,


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