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Shortcode to display image in custom field


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I am trying to display a field value for a user in another Joomla component. I am trying to follow a past example which works beautifully:

[jreviews type="listings" show_category="0" user="<?php echo $ESuser->id;?>"]

I am trying to display in the same way, an image for the same user (pulled from a jreviews field. So far I have tried these:

[jreviews type="externalimage" id="'.$entry['User']['user_id'].']

But that displays this:


Also tried:

[jreviews type="externalimage" user="<?php echo $ESuser->id;?>"]

Which displays this:

user="1942" ['user_id'].']

How do I get it to display the actual image rather than the user ID?


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated






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