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Custom error pages needed


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Need some direction creating custom error pages. I tried all the joomla docs and web search info I could find and there is no real good solution. I can create the pages as joomla articles and link to them and get them to show but that is only a redirect and in the case of a 404 error its not a good thing for this to show a header of 302 instead of 404 etc... Also used this method along with htaccess ie:ErrorDocument 404 /path-to-404 whatever. Firefox it seems to work but other browsers its not working.

Tried editing the ireview error.php to match the site using most of the ireview index.php dynamic markup placing the error wrapper content in different places but either get a code error or a prameters.php error on line 75 for this segment:

$maximumWidth = $this->params->get('maximumWidth');

If anyone has a good solution they are willing to share it would be much appreciated.


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