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Filter items displayed as as "linkboxed" issue


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I am customizing the JReviews Listings Advanced Filtering Module to show my filter items as "linkboxed". I read your documentation, and added the short code:  display_as="linkboxed in the THEME CUSTOMIZATION area off the module.

[filter name="jr_tags" label="Tags"]

[filter name="jr_tags" label="Tags" display_as="linkboxed"]

The filter items shows up as linkboxed which is good, but unfortunately the "show all" link + the toggle switch which i had before are suddenly gone, any idea what is the reason for this ?  I have added the following short codes (see below) to force them back, but still they do not show up, am i doing this correctly ?

[filter name="jr_tags" label="Tags" display_as="linkboxed" match_switch ="1" show_all ="1" show_limit ="5"]

Note: I use "horizontal layout" in the Advanced Filtering Module.


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