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Problems getting Geomaps module to display consistently


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I would like to use the Geomaps module to show listings on some pages - but I'm seeing quite a lot of inconsistency when I try to use them - and was wondering what I need to do to get them to display the same 100% of the time.

I've tried using the module in several ways - in a tab (first tab), in a tab (second, initially closed tab) and just on the page as a module. 

I've implemented the various versions on these two pages:



I'm using "modules anywhere" to show the maps.

The few issues I've come up against are:

- Although set to appear, the sidebar won't always show at desktop screen size. Sometimes if you resize the page it will appear, sometimes nothing works

- Sometimes when you switch between tabs, the view zooms out to show the whole world

- And then very occasionally nothing loads at all.

Is there a specific setting that I need to implement to get consistent results? Any pointers would be very helpful.






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