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How to manage schema.org

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I'm a beginner with JReview. I'm building a City Guide Directory and I would like to apply the right microdata such as airport, church, museum, park... to the points of interest of the city. It seems that to do this, it is necessary to create a linsting type for each item, but in my case many these points of interest should be part of a single category called "attractions to visit" (contains churches, museums, parks, etc.).

What is the best way to handle this situation?


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The Schema.org type is specified at the listing type level because that's what makes the most sense. You associate the listing type with categories and those automatically use the correct Schema.org type. Also custom fields are associated with listing types so if you add additional markup for fields, per the documentation, then it automatically appears under the right Schema.org type. My recommendation would be to create subcategories for your "attractions to visit" category and use that for your listings.

The alternative is for you to create your own solution through theme customizations. In the detail theme file you can find the schema.org type defined at the very top:

$schema_itemtype = $this->config->get('schema_org_type','Article');

So if you want to create your own logic based on categories you can change that variable.

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