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Adriano Altorio

Google Home Recipe Actions

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I'm personally using Google Assistant through a nice Google Home Mini since just a couple of weeks. Given that we have a site of recipes that is running on Jreviews, will it be possible to create Recipe Actions to be used through voice control on the Google Home systems?


On this page it says:


"If you're a podcast, recipe, or news publisher and have created structured data markup and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Google can automatically create Actions (things people can ask the Google Assistant to do) to interact with your content, with a corresponding auto-generated page in the Assistant directory."

Do we just need the AMP Add-on?




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Hi. I am not really sure what's required even after reading those article. At a minimum AMP and the necessary markup for schema.org recipes. The thing is that it also mentions itemList and JReviews doesn't include the itemList markup which would be output in the list pages. That's something I was going to look into for a future update. You could try to include it youself by updating your list theme file. The thing is that you need to make sure that if you create an itemList with a specific markup for Recipes, you can't mix different schema.org types on the same list. So the markup should only be used in category pages. I think the best way to figure this out is to find a site that already has what you want and study the markup there. 

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