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Jreviews is all: Directory, marketplace, glossary, recipes and so on.

Because all gallerys for Joomla that I know are not so sophisticated (in my mind) I try to use the powerfull flexibility of Jreviews to build a gallery 🙂

At the moment I'm hanging a little bit, because I have a media modul with choosing category and using custom where parameters. This is what I need in the media menu, but there are no possibilities. As well choosing my media as media list lists all media of all categories and not only them in my new media category.

Is there a way to hack this with a little code? Or is it evtually something for a feature request?

I think Jreviews would be a nice and powerfull gallery.


I give you a screenshot from my work at the moment. It looks like a gallery.


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I am very happy that you are always finding new uses for JReviews! Filtering media by category using the media list menu requires more than a quick hack because none of the code needed to support this exists. I will add it to the list of potential improvements.

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Thanks Alejandro,

I think an improvement of the media functions in the future should be useful for many users, not only for a gallery.
The main reason for trying to build a gallery with jreviews is the possibility to upload pictures in a very comfortably way from the frontend. Most gallerys don't have this feature or it's very complicated. Additional the gallery in my XenForo 2 is very bad and a catastrophy for SEO :-(

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Thumbs up for Media Functions / gallery improvements.

Now use the Joomgallery over years, but the development stop

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Guys, when requesting new features, please try to be more detailed. I won't be able to incorporate everything that is requested, but the more specific and detailed the request, the easier it is to pick and choose.

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In my new gallery with jreviews I used only things, that are implemented in jreviews by default. I edited the detail_tabs template in that way, that a short description is on the top of the gallery entry followed by the photos. (See screenshot)

At least there were some tabs called i.e. gallery category and another tab for reviews and discussions.

No feature requests nesessary at the moment.

But with a little brainstorming we can figure out what are improvements to make this more useful in a gallery way.

A gallery should have the possibility to sort in categories - Thats what Jreviews can do by default

8 hours ago, n00bster said:

gallery sliders and so on ... 

I'm very happy without sliders because there are so many extensions for Joomla to integrate sliders in the content. Jreviews have sliders in an intelligent way - in mobile view. That makes a lot of sense and is a default feature of Jreviews.

In my mind a very useful feature is that you can take every gallery entry as a related listing for other listings. I.e. I have a listing in a kitchen manufakurer directory and can show the related gallery listing of the same manufacturer and so on.

How I wrote in an other post it would be useful to have the possibility to rotate pictures if they are uploaded in a wrong way and to have a menu item where users can list all their pictures from the gallery (eventually with the possibility to edit/delete pictures).

Here is my gallery now online:



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