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Customize The Form That Adds New Listings

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How do I (or where is the file) to customize the form when someone adds a listing?

I want to change the text "Listing Title" to "Business Name" or something along those lines.



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This can be done through the listing type setup language tab and custom themes.

Create a new default.po file in a folder structure according to the documentation such as:


Copy the lines 898, 899 from the original default.po file:


msgstr "Listing Title"

to your new custom default.po file.

Change the msgid and msgstr value to what you want like

msgstr "Business Name"

Then change the language string in the listing type language tab from




Clear the jreviews cache.

You need to edit these according to the theme/language customization documentation found in How to edit JReviews language files and add them in a/your custom theme as per the JReviews Theme Customization.

I have attached the file structure with the default.po file. All you need to do is unzip and upload it to your root/templates/ folder then change the string in the listing type language section.

You might not be able to append the msgid by adding the _BUSSINESS to it. It may have to be the default LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE in the .po file and listing type language string but try it both ways. For some reason I am thinking you can in the listing types and addons.


Edited by DanielH
Added directories and custom default.po for upload.

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That's the thorough way to do it if you can switch languages on the site. Otherwise you can just add your translation directly in the Listing Type language tab replacing the constant LANG_LISTING_FORM_TITLE with your text.

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