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WidgetFactory Configuration Questions


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I am thinking of purchasing this WidgetFactory with the hopes that each business owner for each listing will use the single listing option and put this on their website and in essence, create a back link to my website.

I want to better understand how this would work. I skimmed through the web page and documentation but had these questions:

1.) Does the widgetfactory add a link on each listing for someone to grab the html code and paste the widget on their website?

If yes, how does someone grab the code, and what access do they need? From what I understand, a new menu is created where multiple options to 'get widget' code is accessed

Is it only for those who admin access to the listing (have claimed the listing), or is this access configurable (i.e. guests, listing owner, etc.). I think this is covered in the doc in the "User Specific Option"? 

Ideally, the add-on would dynamically configure the widget so it automatically links back to the listing and supplies the code for the publisher/listing owner so I need not manually do this for each listing. If this is the case, how does it handle someone who has listing manager access to multiple sites? 

2.) How often does the widget update? Is this settable by the module cache options? Or where/how is it configurable? 

3.) Are metrics shareable (If track clicks and impressions enabled) with listing owners? Where exactly is this accessed if yes? 

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