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Class EditorComponent not found

Richard A
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I upgraded to JReviews 3 (very smooth process, no issues, excellent work Alejandro, thank you) and am working my way through any of the old overrides i may need.


A simple false to true adjustment in the editor.php file at /components/com_jreviews/jreviews/views/helpers/editor.php (see image) worked before**, but the file is not there.


I did find an editor.php file at /components/com_jreviews/jreviews/controllers/components/ and thought it may just be in a new place, but after copying the file to a new overrides folder and changing the word false to true, I am unable to edit listings in the front end and am locked out of admin with this message (see second image):


0 Class 'EditorComponent' not found


I have cancelled the override and cleared cache but the error is still appearing, is there something else i should do?


** image is in this thread https://forum.jreviews.com/topic/28381-bottom-row-of-tinymce-buttons-not-appearing/?hl=tinymce



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