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Related Listings not showing for any Listing Types

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Seeing as there is no JReviews3.x Category yet, I will post an issue here later moving


Issue :Related Listings not showing for any Listing Types

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Found the issue. Thanks for looking at my site in an attempt to resolve.


Strangely, the S2 Framework component has been running in disabled state......for JR2.x.....I saw it a while back but thought, heck, everything is running smoothly..suppose that's how is should be..


So here comes JR3. After uninstalling and upgrading as per instructions, the S2 framework is still disabled and all seems fine. 


So I went through the upgrading again, BUT, there is an S2 Plugin (I'm running Joomla b.t.w). I removed this manually.

I then installed the S2 framework for JR3 but before installing the Jreviews components, I went to check and had to manually enable the framework. Then installed the component and wholla.....related listings working and everything else so far


Yip....9 years of fiddling with this component paid off....phew!!

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I am glad you got it working, but I don't think it was related to the S2Framework being disabled because that's normal and it can be disabled in JReviews 3 as well. Maybe there was a probably with the initial update and removing and re-installing fixed it the 2nd time around.

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