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Helpful 301 redirects for reviews pages

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I want to delete dubles in pages with reviews and make a 301 redirects.


For example, this is the one page:






May be you have any suggestions hot to make 301 Auto redirect to only one page?

I mean one rule for all pages.





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If you use our SEF Plugin, this is what the review detail page URL looks like:


It would be hard to create a single rule to redirect all URLs to the main one if this is the format.


Also, if you don't use the JReviews SEF Plugin, you can create a JReviews Catch All menu for review discussions and that would give you a nicer looking URL based on the menu alias and then you can create a regex redirect that points to that menu.


Let me know what the exact situation is and I'll see if I can provide a bit more guidance.

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