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AMP - some problems & questions


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I am trying to setup product page. These are the issues I am not able to find an answer or solution:


  • Text is always centered - how can I alligne left?
  • Text links are black, not visible for user - how can I have them standard blue?
  • FB Likes, Share & Google+ Icons on the bottom are missing
  • Backt to Top graphic disapeared, there is only a text - how to show it?
  • Bootstrap tables are cut off - not compressed, table cells lost color
  • There is an large space above pictures that were inserted within text editor, not with JReviews Add Media - do I have to insert the pictures allwas by Add Media tool in order to have avoid this?
  • Disqus Comments (by JoomlaWorks) does not apear on the bottom
  • Colored text is black, same with css colored text
  • How can I get the the Field Group titles be in a colored bar - like in the JReviews samples?
  • Star rating graphic on the top are wrongly showed - see attachment.




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