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JReviews is out!


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I previously posted information about upcoming JReviews beta version, but it turns out that JReviews was already the "beta" version. So since it was already out and many clients had updated since yesterday, I've now officially changed the version to in non-beta status. Sorry for the confusion!




New in this version:

  • Horizontal layout for Advanced Filtering modules/widgets (both listings and reviews). I can be enabled via a setting.
  • New attributes for Advanced Filtering filter shortcodes:
    • option_dialog (default = 1) The show all feature for many options in a filter now opens in a dialog by default instead of expanding the list inline.
    • option_search (default = 0) New search functionality within a filter to quickly find an option you are looking for.
    • width (integer denoting pixels) For use with horizontal filtering if you want to set a fixed width for a specific filter)
  • Advanced Filtering modules/widgets can now collapse into a "Filters" button for mobile and narrow width screens on any page. This can also be disabled by setting "convert to mobile view" to "Never".
  • Customize the text of the "Filters" button via setting in the modules/widgets
  • New 'jr-review-filters' JReviews module/widget position, perfect for the Reviews Advanced Filters.
  • It's now possible to assign the Advanced Filtering modules/widgets to the JReviews theme 'jr-listpage-below-pagetitle' position, even when using live updates.

Important theme changes for compatibility with this version:

  • All the list layouts were modified to include a new div with id "jr-pagenav-ajax". So if you have customized listings_blogview, listings_tableview, listings_thumbview or listings_masonry you need to update them to include thiew new div.
  • The list layout buttons have also been moved from the listings_header.thtml theme file to each individual layout so that these buttons are updated whenever the page is updated without page reloads.

To summarize, if you've modified any list layout theme (blogview, tableview, thumbview and masonry) or the listings_header theme file, you need to update theme in order to make them compatible with this version. Otherwise ajax pagination and the live update feature in Advanced Filtering will not work.


I'll be making this version available for download in the next few days. If you find any issues please report them via ticket with links and access so I can take a look.


For a complete list of changes in this version and the modified files, check the changelog.

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