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Information about upcoming JReviews beta version


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Yesterday I released a very small update to JReviews (v2.7.18.5) with the sole purpose of fixing the beta updates functionality because I hadn't used it in a long time and it was no longer working. I am hoping the "beta" label will make clients take a minute to read before clicking to update!


The upcoming update JReviews v2.7.19.1 beta, to be released later today or over the weekend, is an incremental version update, but I am calling it a beta because it has a few important theme customizations that may, or may not, affect your site depending on what customizations you've made. Once released, before upgrading, check the changelog and the list of modified files so you can update them on your site if they have been customized. And for your, and my sanity, if you have customizations, please use a development site to test the upgrade.


Ok, so I am sure by now you are wondering what all these changes are about! The next update will have important improvements in functionality for Advanced Filtering. There's a new horizontal layout available, which can be set through a setting in the module/widget. This layout required writing a completely new experience for the "show all" functionality when there are many options for a filter. Instead of just expanding the list, these will be shown in a new dialog. This is also now the default behavior for the vertical module and it can be disabled using the options_dialog="0" attribute for any filter.


Also new is the ability to filter within the options for a filter. You can see the new horizontal layout, options dialog and option search feature pictured below.




The Advanced Filtering module/widget is now also able to collapse itself into a Filters button on any page where there isn't a pre-defined position for the button to appear (like on JReviews list pages). And this behavior can also be disabled in the settings by choosing to "never" convert the filters to mobile view.


There's a new JReviews theme position 'jr-review-filters' perfect for placing the Reviews Advanced Filtering. There wasn't an ideal place to position the reviews filters before, but now with the horizontal layout and this new, position the filters can appear right below the reviews summary.


Finally, the filters can also now be assigned to the 'jr-listpage-below-pagetitle' position in list pages even while using the live updates feature. Many clients were using this position for the filters, but it wouldn't work because that part of the page was also updated with the filter results. This is the change that required the most changes in themes and now it works great.


There are a few other changes, improvements, and fixes in this next update and you'll be able to read more about them in the changelog. Once released, to get the beta you will need to click on the use betas checkbox in the remote install & updates screen. Please report any issues you find so that I can fix them as soon as possible.


Stay tuned!

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