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Placeholder Image showing up as AMP Error with Google

Richard A

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I have tried different settings and sizes of placeholder image (it is currently 800px wide) but am still getting the 'not a valid page' error due to amp-img not having any width or height.


If i have upload an image to be the main image in a listing, everything is fine, the problem only occurs with the placeholder as a main image (there doesn't seem to be a problem with the placeholder in detail page widget output.


This is the only issue affecting all items in the AMP error list from Google, does anyone have the same problem or use a setting in the JAmp plugin to solve the issue?


The report from the latest AMP test on a listing with no main image (only the placeholder) is attached and can be tested with the link https://www.bowlschat.com/directory/clubs/oxford-university-press-bowling-club/amp (just using the url link, not an actual test, the main image does not appear in the output).


I wonder is the problem due to the cover (not the main image), as the listing is not geomapped yet?


It can be compared with a geomapped listing with uploaded main image at https://www.bowlschat.com/directory/clubs/belmont-bowling-club/amp which does pass the AMP test and the placeholder image can be seen multiple times in the detail page widget output at the bottom.


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