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Using Weeblr


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I'm having some issues getting this to work.  I downloaded the latest dev version today (as instructed by Weeblr due to a bug in the published version) but that didn't help.


I have everything installed (their plugin as well as your add-on).  I have all the settings set per their instructions and I'm using the jReviews component rule with all the views selected.  Everything else seems to be right (also I am using your SEF plugin).  


My problem is when I add the /amp to the end of the URL for testing I am getting a 404 error.


Website is www.barkleyandpaws.com


Any idea what might be wrong?


Thanks very much!  


Also is there any other documentation like screenshots of exactly how to configure the Weeblr plugin?


Thanks again for working on this!  I'm looking forward to adding it to my site!

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