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TOPIC: Re:A number of errors on initial AMP Test Run

Richard A

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I am using JAmp with the JReviews addon and after setting up and testing for a while i am down to these 2 errors:


1. The text (CDATA) inside tag 'style amp-custom' contains 'CSS !important', which is disallowed


2. Invalid URL protocol 'fax:' for attribute 'href' in tag 'a'


I also have 10 structural errors that keep cropping up in relation to my listings (see attached image).


I tried to correct them in the disallowed tags and elements section as well as exclude elements in JAmp but John at JExtensionsStore said it was not a JAmp issue as they relate to JReviews and it controls the integration to JAmp.


As an example the errors appear when testing this listing http://www.bowlschat.com/directory/clubs/belmont-bowling-club


How/where do I correct them within JReviews?




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