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Anyone looked at a listings page through PINGDOM speedtest?

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I am trying to work out where there are some nasty redirects happening for a listings page

Remove the following redirect chain if possible:

This was Some of the drill down from pingdom and it's looking to me that its coming from the social sh


This is the url - would be keen for us as a community to check each others sites against settings for performace.


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I would also like to alert that I am having problems writing form posts in that lines get truncated as you can see above is there a cap on word count?

Just after the "social sh" I got ... added and couldn't finish the sentence. I am using chrome on a mac.

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This isn't related to JReviews. I used Google to search for some of the domains you posted and found a post in a 3rd party forum similar to yours. It turns out this is caused by the Disqus plugin that you are using on that page.


Unless you had a huge amount of additional text in that post, not sure why it was capped. The size limit is not based on characters, but on KB and it's big enough.

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Thanks for this. I am really trying hard to get a decent page speed again. I was thinking it was the sharing buttons - often they put so much data tracking in there and I am thinking that these are not 3rd party but from your own core?
If it doesnt exist I will maybe start a post tomorrow and see who likes their host and speed etc. I have some cause for concern for client sites more than my own hobbyist ones which don't I think need it so much, I do think it helps with ranking.
I was shocked to find that my host told me that a shared server can actually be faster than if I do a VPS it really depends. I use tsohosts and they are the best I have ever come across for customer service and I didnt like site ground who were good in a few ways and not bad hosts but had a clunky cPanel way of hosting (I found that all cPanel hosting seems to be this way) I prefer the cloud system that tso run. I dont really get what or why that is better and there is a real lack of clear info online - try getting the info you want as a potential customer from the sites selling hosting is tough so I think tomorrow I will raise a post asking for opinion.
Cheers all.

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Sure, the 3rd party sharing buttons load extra javascript, and not because of JReviews, but because that's how they work. However, we implemented our own version of the buttons which don't load any javascript and they can be selected in the JReviews configuration. It's the "None - Custom" option.


But to get back to your original question, the issue is caused entirely by the Disqus feature you added to the page as confirmed by that other post.


For hosting probably can't get any faster than DigitalOcean or Amazon EC3. You can combine that with ServerPilot to get a very simple dashboard that gives you tools to create databases, add SSL certs, etc. Or use Cloudways which is a combination of both and provides a few other features, but may be somewhat more expensive.


Anyway, feel free to ask around and do your own research and testing, but most clients have found those to be the fastest options. 


Finally, it wouldn't make any sense for you to look for new hosting options if you haven't already switched to PHP 7 and upgraded your site to the latest JReviews version which supports PHP 7. This will practically duplicate your site performance with very little effort as we already wrote on our Do you want to double your site speed? blog post last year. 

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