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Using 'Custom Where' option

Richard A

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The individual contact details for people/positions in a listing are covered by using 6 custom fields for Contact 1, 2, 3 etc and up to 14 required to cover all variations in listings on the website


There are many different Contact Types used within each Contact, as they are added (in Field Options in the Title Custom Field) when required and all use the same 6 custom fields.


The number of unique Custom Types for Contacts is well over 100 and far too many to cover individually with 6 custom fields (Title, Name, Address, Home Tel, Mobile, Email).


The location of a Contact Type (Type A, B, C, D, E etc) depends on the number of contacts and the order it is to appear on the listing, so Type A (for example Treasurer) could be Contact 1 in one listing, Contact 3 in another and Contact 4 in a third listing - Treasurer - President,Secretary,Treasurer - President,Vice-President, Secretary,Treasurer.


If I want a widget to show only the contact details for Secretary and Treasurer, is that when I use the 'custom where' option and how would i do it for one, a few and all Contacts 1-14?

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