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[solved] many listings: unused filter order criteria


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Hi everyone,


sorry, me again ;-) The many listing widget offers a filter section with an order dropdown list for listings (Featured, most recent, most popular, highest user rating, highest editor rating, most reviews).


I do not have featured listings and do not use editor rating on my site. Therefore whenever one of these criteria is chosen, the widget cannot be build and I get "Please check the widget code and install again." as (error)-message.


It also happens on your system. Please see http://demo.reviewsforjoomla.com/widgets?wid=3 and choose "featured" as order criteria.


I understood from a previous question that "Please check the widget code and install again" is a system message, which is used for several events - otherwise I would have changed it in "sorry, no listings found for your configuration" or something similar.


Is there any way, how I can adapt the filter options and cut out/delete "editor ratings" and "featured"?


Thanks for your help!





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