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[solved] minor: alternative rating graphic


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Hi everyone,


I am using an alternative rating graphic for my reviews and placed it in my jReviews overview-folder, which works perfect:



Now with widgetfactory in place, I noticed that rating graphics are not pulled from my overrides-folder, but from the original location:



All my other overrides for widgetfactory work as intended. Is there any way of how to use the rating-graphic from my overrides so that it does not get overwritten with the next update?


It's really a rather minor and cosmetic problem.








Edit: Solved! This css-entry within the widget.css in the original folder is responsible for the graphic:

.jrWidgetLayout .jrRatingStarsUser, .jrWidgetLayout .jrRatingStarsEditor, .jrWidgetLayout .jrRatingStarsUser div, .jrWidgetLayout .jrRatingStarsEditor div {
background: url(images/rating_stars.png) 0 0 repeat-x !important;
height: 16px;
font-size: 1px;


Just use the code above within the widget_custom_styles.css in your override folder and you can make use of your own rating graphic.

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