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[solved] feedback and questions


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Hi everyone,


I finally got my hands on the promising new widget add-on and well... what can I say except: wow - fantastic work, Alejandro and Kristian - thank you very much for this mighty extension, which enables us to build even more competitive and state-of-the art review pages!


However, after playing around a little bit, I got some questions and feedback, I would like to share:


1) do I have to use the widget_custom_styles.css or can I simply add these adaptations to my existing general custom.css within my template? I prefer the latter to keep overview and track of my changes - just to explain my question.


2) Within the widget-builder I noticed the message "Please check the widget code and install again", which appears when I try to change a value without having chosen a listing first. Do you use this error message as well on other events? If not, I think I will rename/translate it too "Please choose a listing first".


3) The button read-reviews leads to a listing-detail with the following pattern: http://www.example.com/category/id-listing-name#userReviews - this works fine for default listing detail pages, but it does not work if you use _tabs as suffix for this listing detail page. If you display reviews in an own tab, this tab got the parameter #reviewsTab. I tried to use #reviewsTab and added it to an URL, but this did not work out. Did I make a mistake or is it simply not possible to deeplink into a tabbed version?


4) As soon as I add styles to a widget layout, e.g. a simple border, the bottom border often gets cut off. I read in another thread that in this case you recommend to always add height and width as default values - even for responsive layout. Would a future version of widgetfactory possibly be able to add auto height to a widget? To also explain this question: Of course one could add default values as a starting point for rendering. But as soon as a user changes the config, e.g. adds more reviews or number of words the height has to be adapted - this may not be obvious to everyone at first sight.


5) It may sound stupid but I think it would be helpful to have an extra refresh button on the wigetfactory builder (frontend). I noticed that changing a value in a radio button field leads to an automatic refresh of the widget, whereas changing values in other fields do not refresh the widget, unless you click somewhere else on the screen or hit enter (which brings up the popup with the widget code, which is not needed in this case then).


6) Is there a chance to add tooltips to certain elements on the widgetfactory builder (frontend)? I tried to insert <span class="jrIconInfo jr-more-info"></span><div class="jrPopup jrHidden">Tooltip text goes here</div> in the listings_one.thtml but embarrassingly I did not know where exactly to insert it - if this is possible at all.


Please let me emphasize that this is friendly feedback for an already great product and no complaint!


Thanks for your help!





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