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General setup and management questions

P Gales

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I'm really happy that this widget exists as I was going to make a request for something like it.  Major concern is about reliability of the widget.  It's tough enough keeping my main site running, and if I place this widget on a hundred customer sites I'll have 100 customers calling me with problems of the widget not working.


What has been your experiences on the reliability of a widget once installed.


Is there any kind of central management that would alert me to any problems with the widget on a client website?


Can you provide a live client site showing an actual widget installation? The demo button leads to the regular JReviews site and not to any demo showing the widget on a client site.  I also did the test and generated the code but when I placed it on my site I did not get any reviews but rather a Jreviews demo icon (or something like that). 


It seems that one of the widget options allows a user to leave a review on the client website, but how does that work?  Is it that it only allows guest reviews?  Can a user be prompted to sign up on my main site?  I guest my main concern is getting people to become members on my site even though they are leaving a review on my client's site via the widget.


Thanks for your help.


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