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JReviews released


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We are very happy to announce the inmediate availability of JReviews This is already the second update in February! To upgrade to this version you can use the remote updater or download it from the client area. It's mostly a maintenance release with minor bug fixes, but also has some new features:


1. Allow user to make the review form optional when submitting a listing. There's a new setting in the "standard fields"  configuration tab that when enabled allows users to bypass having to submit a review even if the review form is shown. A checkbox will appear at the top of the review form allow users to hide it and submit their reviews later on.


2. Simple search drill down. There's a new setting in the "search" configuration tab where this feature can be enabled. It modifies the current search functionality so that when a user clicks on a category, the search performed from that page will be limited to results in the category. The same happens with section pages.


3. Disable review usefulness voting ip check. There's a new setting in the "reviews" tab to disable the ip check. In addition to this setting, the vote functionality now also checks for the user id for registered users to prevent duplicate voting.


4. Autocomplete functionality of listing owner. When editing a listing in the administration, the owner's list was replaced with an input field that has autocomplete functionality. Start typing the user's name or username and a list of filtered options will show up. This change was made to account for sites that have thousands of users which slowed down the rendering of the page.


For a complete list of changes and fixes please read the changelog:




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