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New versions released and limited support schedule


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New versions of JReviews and GeoMaps released. You can find the whole list of changes in the changelog. There are a lot of bug fixes in both JReviews and Geomaps and the most important highlights are some feature improvements in GeoMaps. I didn't have time to add a way to specify the ordering of the address fields, but I'll try to do it next year.


[tt]+New: Added optional initial zoom setting for detail pages in Config UI tab.

+New: Added Google API url to settings to allow changing it to Google Maps country specific urls for better country bias results.

+New: GeoMamaps module: Added Custom Center & Zoom mode so you can specify the center of the map, zoom and a search radius around that center.

+New: GeoMaps module: Changed GeoTargeting functionality so if the new radius setting is set in the module only listings within the specified radius are queried. This will improve the module's performance when there are thousands of markers in the database because not all of them will be added to the map.[/tt]




Due to the holidays, starting next week and until the 2nd week of January the support schedule will be limited. I'll be on vacation and getting online as often as possible and Kristian (kheruc on the forum) will be helping out as much as possible both here and via ticket. Please try to be patient while we get to your post or ticket. Even during this time the response time is usually within 24 hours or less.


Happy Holidays to everyone and thank you so much for your support and for choosing JReviews year after year!



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