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jReviews 1.1.2 Beta Released!


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Finally, 1.1.2 Beta is here. After many hours of work jReviews now has a sophisticated template engine allowing you to assign a different template/style to directories, categories and even joomla content! The thumbview template for listings is also part of this release. You can see an example of a thumbview listing here.


I urge everyone to upgrade now. To do that backup your template folder if you made any changes. Uninstall and reinstall. Version 1.1.2 provides backwards compatibility for templates but you will not be able to take advantage of the new template system if you keep the old templates and css file. However, you can upgrade to have the bug fixes and transition to the new templates when you have time.


Read about all the changes below:





# -> Bug Fix

+ -> Addition

! -> Change

- -> Removed

! -> Note


--- jReviews 1.1.2 Beta -----

# Fixed language detection for jReviews backend causing problems on non-english Joomla installations

# Got rid of

# Fixed category/section description not showing when no image found.

# Thumbnail images are now be displayed in Joomla's frontpage and blogsection/blogcategory views.

# Website regex to allow use of hyphens.

# Fixed use of apostrophe in custom fields in the backend.

+ Added new template system for directories and categories

+ Added new template layout thumbview to display a listing in the form of a gallery, multiple items per row. Ideal for reviews where you images for the items being reviewed.

+ Separated css files for each page.

+ Added more fields to the menu creation parameters (dirid,sectionid, catid) required for future release of SEF file. Also increases the functionality of each option by allowing the results to be limited to directory, section or category.

+ Added template fields to the menu creation parameters so you can specify which layout to use (tableview,blogview,thumbview). Template suffix field was also added to allow diffent layout/styling of each menu option.

+ Added "add new item here" link at the top of the listings and made it optional through the configuration settings (item list tab).

+ Added access restrictions to the submit new item form. You can specify which user group is allowed to access it (registered, author, editor, publisher, manager, etc.).

+ Added "don't show" option to prevent the review form from appearing below the submit new item form.

+ Incorporated Lionel's hack to show the category image in listings when no image is found in content. This can be enabled/disabled in the settings. Also added posibility to show a generic image if no content or category image is found.

+ Added checks to prevent xajax from loading if the class already exists. This should eliminate issues with any other module or mambot running xajax.

! Changed functionality of menu parameters for top rated, most reviews, featured so it filters the items instead of ordering them (i.e. featured now shows only featured items instead of all items with featured on top). And you can now specify section or category.

! Added template name in this format so it is viewable in the page's source code and easier to track for template changes

! Moved xajax iso encoding setting from language file to the configuration settings.

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