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Call for suggestions for PaidListings Add-on


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Please submit your suggestions here: http://jreviews.uservoice.com/pages/35713-paidlistings-addon-for-jreviews


I will do my best to incorporate the top 5-10 suggestions depending on their complexity and the number of votes. Here's an overview of what I plan to develop:




The PaidListings add-on allows site owners to charge users for listing submissions and/or for making their listings featured. Unlike subscription components which restrict access to certain areas of the site or actions, PaidListings focuses on enabling payments per listing. The addon has configurable pricing plans to provide the most flexibility. Pricing plans can be setup with some of the following options:

- Period (1 mo, 3 mo, 6mo, 1yr)

- Pricing: can be set to $0 for free listings and the number of free listings per user is configurable

- Category assignment: create multiple plans per category and across categories

- Type of plan: full listing or featured only

- Fields: Different fields can be added to different plans

- Publish method: autopublish or moderate


Registered users will be able to submit a listing and pay for it immediately or later on from the MyListings menu. The MyListings menu will allow users to upgrade their plans from non-featured to featured, or to a different pricing plan (not sure how I am going to implement this last one yet!). The add-on will allow showing a table with categories and pricing plans. All transactions will be recorded and searchable in the administration.




PaidListings has a payment handler system with initial handlers for both Paypal and 2Checkout. The addon allows subscription payments for listings, but of the two only Paypal supports this at the moment.


Discuss here: http://www.reviewsforjoomla.com/forum/index.php?topic=9164.0

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