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New versions released - mostly bug fixes


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New versions of JReviews, the S2Framework and GeoMaps have been released addressing the most recent bugs reported during the last few days. The GeoMaps module now has a couple of new settings to allow filtering by fields through custom query conditions or dynamically change the markers for click2search pages.


Read below for changes: - released December 4th, 2009


[tt]#Fixed: When creating or editing existing fields the new "show images" setting is set to no by default.

#Fixed: When creating a new field, the access settings are all de-selected by default so fields don't show up in forms.

#Fixed: Auto Tweets fail when the title has an ampersand.

#Fixed: The "not useful" review vote doesn't work when JReviews is integrated with JomSocial.

#Fixed: rejected reviews still showed up in the reviews browse menu.[/tt]


Geomaps v2.8 - released Dev 4, 2009


[tt]+New: GeoMaps module: Added custom WHERE and click2search autodetect for further filtering and dynamic functionality.

#Fixed: Javascript errors and existing lat/lon fields data is lost when editing listings and coordinate fields not shown. They are now included as hidden fields.

#Fixed: GeoMaps module: not loading theme.css file so when shown without any other JReviews content on the page the stars don't show up in the infowindow.

#Fixed: Itemid parameter missing from GeoMaps module results in sef urls with /component/content segments.[/tt]

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