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New GeoMaps and JReviews versions available


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For those that have already upgraded to JReviews 2.1.8 you should now be able to use the very convenient remote updater. It's fast and easy!


A few, but annoying, bugs have been fixed in GeoMaps


Geomaps v2.7 - released Nov 30, 2009


[tt]+New - Added default map type setting to map UI configuration

!Change - Improved performance of map resize in lists by eliminating the re-initialization of the map every time the map is resized.

#Fixed - Markers not appearing after clearing the cache or saving a listing if Query Cache is enabled.

#Fixed - When using the default country field it was not being appended in address searches, automatic geocoding of listings during save and the driving directions tool.

#Fixed - Problems with marker clustering in GeoMaps module. Changed order of scripts in module theme file and also moved call to Google Maps API from detail theme to the Geomaps plugin.

#Fixed: url file access disabled error trying to get marker icon dimensions.[/tt]


If you have changed any of the GeoMaps theme files, I recommend you compare them with the new ones because there are fixes in there!

Several other bugs fixed in JReviews


JReviews v2.1.9.138 - released November 30th, 2009


[tt]#Fixed - When editing a listing type all rating criteria appear as required even if previously set to optional.

#Fixed - When deleting owner reply from moderation menu the confirmation dialog doesn't close.

#Fixed - Review filtering by listing title in admin browse reviews not working with some server configurations

#Fixed - Listings module showing listings without ratings in the top/worst rated modes.[/tt]

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