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The GeoMaps Addon is finally out!


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The GeoMaps Add-on incorporates two distinct and powerful functionalities into JReviews: Proximity search and Mapping




This functionality enables your site's users to type in partial or full addresses to find nearby locations stored in the JReviews database. The add-on takes advantage of the JReviews Advanced Search module for complex custom searches that can use both the address and custom fields. You don't need to have the longitude and latitude for each business because GeoMaps comes with a bulk Geocoding functionality that easily converts listings’ physical addresses to coordinates, processing thousands of listings in a short time. It also enables your site's users to geocode an address when submitting new listings and even fine-tune the location by dragging the marker on the map.




Once a listing's address has been geocoded it's possible to show its location on a map. The GeoMaps addon allows you to display a map with markers for your listings in category pages, search results and detail view. A GeoMaps module is also included with the addon to display marker locations on a map. The addon has a lot of customization features for the map so you can have different markers for different types of businesses and toggle many of the features available with the Google Maps API including Street Views and Directions.


For more information about the add-on please refer to the GeoMaps documentation.


If you already have a JReviews license and want to purchase just the add-on, please read the instructions for purchasing add-ons


You must upgrade to the latest version of JReviews to use the Add-on and in order to do this your upgrades package needs to be valid.

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