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Development update: wow!


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I've been silently working on the next major version of JReviews. This version will incorporate a lot of the basic functionality that had been missing so far and improves some of the existing functionality as well. I don't have a release date, but when it's finally out it will be amazing!


Here are just some of the highlights:


1) Optional criteria ratings: not all ratings are required.

2) Multiple editor reviews: have different users on your staff submit their editorial review for the same listing.

3) Review discussions: this is a mini-forum-like functionality for reviews. Let your users discuss at length a single review.

3) Owner replies: allow listing owners to comment or reply to user reviews made on their listings and have the reply show up together with the review.

4) Listing claims: let members claim a listing as their own so they can manage it themselves.

5) Comment only criteria: add comment functionality to certain categories that don't require ratings.

6) Improved control over review standard fields which can now be required|optional|hidden

7) Brand new moderation functionality for listings, reviews, abuse reports, owner replies, review comments and listing claims. You can approve, reject or hold a submission and inform the user of your decision with one-click via predefined responses or custom responses.

8.) Range search for numeric and date fields in advanced search.


A big thanks goes to Gigi from http://www.phpmycoder.com for 1) and 2) above. I hired him to develop these and he did an outstanding job. Also to Kristian a.k.a kheruc in the forum who has been doing a great job helping out with support so that I've had some additional time to build these features.


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