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Upcoming features in 1.2RC2


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Apart from the bug fixing, which really isn't much in RC2 I have decided to add a some new features. I don't have a fixed date for the release of this version but I am working on it as I write and it will be soon.


Some of the new features are:


*Custom fields in reviews(in progress)

*Finer grained access control for all user actions (submit,edit,voting) and also to the wysiwyg editor and moderation. It will also be possible to use custom groups created with 3rd party subscription extensions like JACLPlus.(completed)

*Frontend editing of content section/category for users with editor group access and upwards. (completed)


Additionally there will be a few more settings available such as (all completed)


*List limit for items and for reviews independent from the Joomla global settings.

*Separate settings to show/hide the category box in sections and category lists.

*Hide empty categories in directory and category box.

*Limit number of categories per section shown in directory.

*Template/language folder path to be able to move the template and language files outside the *component folder to make sure that your changes are not lost during upgrades.


I have also developed, on request, a jReviews+Joomlaboard integration component which allows the automatic creation of forum posts everytime a new item is submitted and also to create posts for all your existing items (the ones in the categories you setup). You create the forum category->jReviews categories relationships and the component takes care of the rest. It's also possible to show a discuss link on content items and user reviews showing the number of posts. This component will be available for purchase at a low price once 1.2RC2 is released.


If you are interested in helping me test this version once it's done and before releasing it please send me an email to support -at- reviewsforjoomla -dot- com Let me know what your paypal email is so I can verify you actually bought the product.

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