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Problem with Custon CSS --> visibility: hidden

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I have a totally strange problem with a CSS. I have added the following code to the custom_styles.css:

.superhero {
visibility: hidden;

.nichtsichtbar {
visibility: hidden;

Than i have some Jreivews Fields with Type "Banner". Some Code of the Banner-Field is:

<span itemprop="addressCountry" class="nichtsichtbar">{jr_land|valuenoimage}</span>
<span itemprop="addressRegion" class="nichtsichtbar">{jr_bundesland|valuenoimage}</span>

But the strange problem is, in some Jreviews categories I still see the output and in other categories the output works. Which made things even more curious: If I delete the "superhero" instruction from the CSS (because I don't use it at all), then suddenly the hidden command for the class "non-visible" no longer works in all categories. None of this makes any sense at all.

I want these two lines, which have the class "invisible", not to be displayed in the frontend. I only need them for Google Structured Data. Since they are multiple select fields in this case, I cannot
<span itemprop="addressRegion" content="{jr_bundesland|valuenoimage}">
take. So I had to use the problem with visbility=hidden. But somehow this does not work as desired.

For example:

Here the visibility=hidden doesnt work:




But on this site (other Jreviews directory), the code works:





The two lines of code are exactly the same in both fields. It makes absolutely no sense to me why the code only works in one directory.



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