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JReviews 4.6.3 & JReviews 5 Beta 2 released!


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Check out our latest blog announcing the release updates for JReviews 4.6.3 and JReviews 5.0.7 Beta 2. This round of updates focuses on stability improvements and some new functionality, covering both JReviews 4 and 5, as well as addons like the Dashboard Addon and the YOOTheme Pro Addon, exclusive to JReviews 5.


In JReviews 5.0.7 Beta 2, we've tackled reported bugs from Beta 1, addressing issues like installation errors, incorrect admin settings, and broken attachment download links. For JReviews 4.6.3, we've fixed bugs related to module publishing, frontend media editing, and compatibility with WordPress themes like Avada.

Additionally, the Dashboard Addon now includes a fix for Google Analytics setup, ensuring smooth functionality even if properties have changed. And for users of the YOOTheme Pro addon, we've introduced new multiple item field sources, streamlining the process of creating custom layouts for listing detail pages like the one shown below which includes favorites and inquiry buttons, an image gallery and map, listing description and several custom field groups.

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