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JReviews 4.6.1 and 5.0.5 alpha released


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JReviews 4.6.1 and 5.0.5 alpha have been released. 

JReviews 4.6.1 includes several bug fixes for Joomla and WordPress, and in particular some important fixes for Joomla 5.

JReviews 5.0.5 alpha includes fixes for all reported bugs, as well as many changes to how styles are handled for dark mode, and a complete re-write of the styles used for view components used to render things like buttons, badges, notifications, and more.

The next release of JReviews 5 will remove the legacy admin panel that's still available, as well as all the legacy code for the admin side of JReviews and addons. That will probably be the last alpha release.

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