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Field Group Order - Listing Types


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Since we can already share field groups with any listing type, is there a way to organize those field groups within a single listing type?

When I move a field group to a higher priority in the field groups section, it will move that shared field group in all other shared listing types and sometimes the field group is no longer in the place it should be.

I just added my location field group to a new listing type and now the location field group is at the bottom of the add new record screen.  So when someone is entering in location data, it's being asked for it at the end of the data entry.  I need to move that field group within listing types to place it in a custom order to keep data entry and output in the order they were intended to be.

Having to share this location field group is because we use mapspro and I don't think I can add more than one field to the address options provided.  So I have to keep sharing the location field group on all records where we need to display them on a map.

So either way, it would be great to have a place to see all field groups within a listing type and be able to reorder them as needed for the specific listing type so we can still share the location group.


There needs to be a way to enter additional field data into mapspro to accommodate using mapspro with field data from more than one field group, directory or listing type.

Any ideas?


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